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BeachAlert File #1

Once upon a time there was a beautiful beach in Southern California.  It had pretty little houses lined up along the strand.  They cost a million dollars.  Let’s live here when we grow up, okay? Then we could take a walk on the beach every day.  We would see things like runners and walkers, skaters… Read More »

Introduction to the BeachAlert Files

I’ve been promising to archive my BeachAlert files for what seems like a very long time to me.  Now I’m finally getting around to it. About ten years ago, BeachAlert was an occasional ezine I’d publish on an irregular basis after my almost-daily walks on the beach. I’d heard about negative ions and how they… Read More »

BeachAlert File #15

Here’s the beach at sunset.  It deserves equal time.  The gulls are flying north.  One of these days I’m going to discover where they spend the night.  It must be some exclusive seagull resort. All the life forms are feverishly active, as if that would make the day live longer, especially after the red sun… Read More »

BeachAlert File #14

Just before the Crack of Dawn, the crescent moon is an exquisite jewel displayed on dark blue velvet.  Crescent moon?!!  Gasp!!!  That means there isn’t any cloud cover.  I start my trek to the pier while the night lights are still on. The seagulls are already out and about.  A small clique gathers around something… Read More »

BeachAlert File #13

The tide recedes, leaving a broad boulevard of beach behind.  The rising sun brightens the heavy cloud cover.  Cool, mellow breezes carry the welcome sound of waves as they break against the shore.  The water flows gently a long way across the flat terrain.  The foam is greenish-yellow today. I ponder this as I start… Read More »