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BeachAlert File #7

The happy surfer studied today’s waves.  He finished his warm-up stretches, fastened the long tether from his board around his right ankle, hefted the board under his right arm, and loped off toward the surf. “Wasn’t that a great pair of arches?” comments the happy little clam. “Wasn’t that uncomfortable when he walked all over… Read More »

BeachAlert File #6

On a foggy day at the beach, the fine mist covers everything.  It covers the pretty little houses lined up along the Strand.  It covers the pier.  It covers the lifeguard shacks.  It covers the line that separates the sky from the sea.  Things look very different. On a day like this, it’s easy to… Read More »

BeachAlert File #5

You can tell when the moon is full.  That’s when the tide comes all the way up to the semi-soft sand.  Your legs get a great workout slogging through this stuff. On a day like this, the ocean can surprise you, getting you wet up to the knees, when you only planned on getting wet… Read More »

BeachAlert File #4

The closer it gets to the full moon, the higher the water is.  Sometimes it laps over the high-water ridge, where the sand starts its slope down into the surf.  This is when the clams are happiest of all, I’m told.  Surfers too. Then at other times, you have to walk for yards and yards… Read More »

BeachAlert File #3

The tightly-packed, fine-grained sand was shiny in the wash of the surf and the light of the rising sun.  You could see the reflection of the clouds.  They looked like little white lambs moseying across the blue sky. Do lambs mosey?  Never mind.  I digress.  Let’s go talk to the happy little clams, okay?  We’ll… Read More »