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I’d like to blog more often than once every few months, so I’ve been trying to figure out what in the world I’m obsessed enough about that I’d have something to say about it that often.  I’d really rather just go back to whatever book I’m reading.  Then it hit me.  Duh!  It’s books. I… Read More »

Maintain A Healthy Diet

The hair is one of the most visible indexes of quality of nutrition in your diet. Many nutritionists and other health practitioners routinely use hair analysis to diagnose vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Diets that are inadequate can cause hair to lose warmth, color, softness, elasticity, and manageability. We believe that correct dietary supplements along with a healthy… Read More »

Handle Hair Gently

It’s important to shampoo your hair regularly to keep it clean and healthy. But many people don’t realize that the shampoo process itself can be traumatic to hair. Hair should be shampooed gently, because a too energetic handling of the hair can set the hair up for breakage. The same goes for brushing and combing, which is… Read More »

Protect Hair From Chemical Damage

On a healthy strand of hair, the cells are even and smooth. It is this smoothness that causes the strands to reflect light, giving the hair its attractive sheen. In damaged hair, these cells can become rough and uneven, causing the light to be diffused and making the hair appear dull. Products designed to compensate… Read More »

Protect Hair From Heat

Blow driers have become quite a convenience and can be safe if used properly. The most common error in the use of these tools is continuing to apply high heat to hair that is already dry. Moist hair is capable of absorbing a surprising amount of heat, which converts the moisture to water vapor and… Read More »