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I decided to get up and give my husband some fiber when I heard him mumble to himself, as he sometimes does when he thinks nobody’s listening, “I haven’t been eating.”  Another way of looking at this is that he’s been “fasting.”  Kind of.  I know how that comes about.

Fortunately, we both do work we like (another good alternative anti aging strategy I might talk about later), and when we get engrossed, we forget about frivolous things like eating.  And drinking water.  I also happen to know he hasn’t been drinking enough water either.  He can’t stand the stuff.  But if you’re going to fast, you might as well do a cleanse at the same time.

When we first got married, I tried to be “the good wife” and get up when he did and make him breakfast to help launch him on his world-conquering activities of the day.  But he just looked at me like I was nuts.  “I don’t have time for that — I gotta GO!” he’d say.

Now, thirty years later, he’s finally listening to me about the fiber.  Of course, that’s only after he’s heard it from a doctor.  And probably five or six other sources.  You know how it goes.  People don’t get “sold” until after they’ve seen your offer a few times.

Most anti aging folk wisdom starts with paying attention to what you put into your body.  Equally important (maybe more so) is what comes out.  I learned that from Jean Fairfax, who probably didn’t even know she was teaching it to me. But back in the day she used to work with my aunt, who used to pass along some of the things Ms. Fairfax would say.

You probably didn’t come here to talk about your poo, but allow me to point out that Jean Fairfax is probably close to 100 years old by now.  And, from an anti aging perspective, if paying attention to your poo is good enough for her, it’s certainly good enough for me.

So I made him the fiber concoction and sent him off with a mug of — not coffee, but water.

Here’s my recipe for the fiber concoction. I pour about 5-6 ounces of fruit juice into a glass cup.  He takes it on an empty stomach with orange juice in the morning or apple juice in the evening.  Then grind up 4 teaspoons of flax seed, as coarse or fine as you like.  I use a little Proctor Silex coffee grinder, and you can buy the flax seed in bulk at your local health food store — like Sprouts or Whole Foods.  Stir the ground up flax seed into the juice and drink it down right away.  It solidifies into a gel, if you wait too long.

But it is this gelling property that makes it such a great internal cleansing agent.  Once it’s inside your body, the gel forms around impurities or toxins or excess waste that may have accumulated in your digestive tract.  This action, along with the water you drink, provides a vehicle to flush them out of your system, and it does this in a gentle, natural way.

OK.  So now that he’s listening to me about the fiber, we’re in a position to hope it won’t take another thirty years for him to start listening to me about drinking the water.  We are, as they say, “cautiously optimistic.”

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