Back To Work!

As much as I’d like to spend all day at the beach, it’s time for me to get back to work.

These days, I seem to have two jobs. The first is the one I’ve chosen for myself — cosmetologist — one who’s into the care and beautification of skin, hair, and nails. I mostly do hair — both men’s and women’s.

The other “job” has been thrust upon me — defending myself from the scientology organization. I got myself into this position after many years of being one of their most devoted members, simply by leaving the group and speaking out about it.

They don’t like it when you talk about it.

But since I do, I’m subject to their “fair game” policy (which they say doesn’t exist). The purpose of “fair-gaming” people is to make them, in Hubbard’s words, “shudder into silence.”

You may very well ask why they’d want former members to stay silent.

The short version is that if the whole truth were known, their “PR image” would get messed up. Then they wouldn’t be able to (1) rope in new recruits and (2) charge exorbitant rates for their esoteric (and bogus, IMHO) “upper levels.”

Some people might even go to jail. It’s happened before. (Google “Operation Snow White.”)

The long version? Well, maybe later….

So my other job is free speech activist. I don’t think it’s right for people to have to shut up so a greedy few can line their pockets.

And if you really dig into the meaning of the word “cosmetologist,” you’ll find it’s derived from the “Greek kosmeticos, skilled in arranging, from kosmetos, well-ordered, from kosmein, to arrange, order, from kosmos, order, COSMOS.”

So this is just my little way of creating order in the universe.

Lynn Fountain Campbell


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