BeachAlert File #1

Once upon a time there was a beautiful beach in Southern California.  It had pretty little houses Beach Houses with Joggerlined up along the strand.  They cost a million dollars.  Let’s live here when we grow up, okay?

Then we could take a walk on the beach every day.  We would see things like runners and walkers, skaters and cyclers, surfers and swimmers, lifeguards on patrol, surf fishermen, and people hanging out on the pier.

We would see seagulls and other kinds of birds, happy little clams, and fishes swimming in the little pools that happen when the tide is low.  We might even see a seal or two.

The sand is vast, the ocean is vaster, and the sky is vastest of all.  How could any human problem seem anything but trivial, in the face of all this vastness.

All these creatures, human and otherwise, are happily doing their thing, and nobody is messing with anybody else (provided, of course, that you consider some creatures’ purpose in life is to become food for others).

No wonder folks at the beach mostly live happily ever after.

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