BeachAlert File #12

Light flows through the Crack of Dawn and turns the sky from dark to medium blue as we make our way down to the beach today.  It glows gray through the misty marine layer of clouds as we arrive.

Good morning, beach.

The ocean is calm.  Flat and unresponsive, it must be still asleep.  A few surfers start their ritual march across the sand towards the water.  We Join them.

They paddle out on their boards.  It’s an act of faith.  There aren’t any waves today.

Mysteriously, the ocean awakes, smiling.  “It’s show time, boys and girls.  You want waves?  You got waves.”

Turning towards the pier, we notice the mist for the first time.  The pier is lost in it.  Completely invisible.  We walk towards it anyway.  Faith.  We go ten blocks before we make out its faint outline.  The night lights are still on.  Our faith is rewarded.

Near the water’s edge, two gulls argue over a small fish.  The bigger one has it.  The smaller one wants it.

“But I saw it first!” squawks the smaller.

“But I caught it, dahling,” retorts the bigger.  “And you really must try to remember your place in the pecking order.”

“Oh yeah?  Well, I’m gonna grow up one day, and then we’ll see who’s who in the pecking order around here.”

“Oh, very well,” says the bigger, dropping the fish.  “We’ll share.”

Our walk is otherwise uneventful.  Serene, even.

The quiet magic of the dawn thins in the growing light of day.  Back to reality we go, knowing we could live happily ever after too.

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