BeachAlert File #4

The closer it gets to the full moon, the higher the water is.  Sometimes it laps over the high-water ridge, where the sand starts its slope down into the surf.  This is when the clams are happiest of all, I’m told.  Surfers too.

Then at other times, you have to walk for yards and yards just to get to the water.  The seagulls are very happy then, because of all the new food that gets uncovered.

Let’s watch the birds today.  See those little ones that look like chickadees?  We haven’t seen any of those for several weeks.

“Where have you guys been?” I ask.

“Down south,” they say.  “El Nino, you know.”

Yes, of course.  That explains everything.

Look!  Pigeons!  We don’t see many of them here.  They sometimes venture down from the city to the beach, but they don’t dare get too close to the water.  They don’t have webbed feet like the seagulls do, so they can’t swim.

They just have to hang back and watch the others have all the fun and get all the good fresh food at the water’s edge, while they scratch for crumbs from yesterday’s picnics.

Which just goes to show, it pays to be properly equipped for wherever you plan to hang out.  Then you’ll have a better chance of living happily ever after.

Lynn Fountain Campbell

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