Death vs Bad PR in Scientology

death vs bad pr in scientology

In Scientology, bad PR is a fate worse than death.  Old L. Ron teaches glibly and with great aplomb that if one day you happen to find yourself dead — i.e., without a body — why, all you have to do is float on over to the nearest maternity ward and get a brand new one, just as it’s being born.

Oh yeah?  Then why hasn’t he reported back to the Sea Org mothership to resume his duties as Founder and Source of Scientology?

Some Freezone Scientologists — Scientologists who practice “the tech” outside the auspices of the corporate organization — say that he’s attempted to do so, but found David Miscavige to be such an SP (suppressive person) that he chose not to.  These Freezoners have done the necessary mental gymnastics to “prove” Old L. Ron is back.  He has a new body and is now Young L. Ron.

He dropped his old body in 1986 and has a new one now.  He’d be 33 or younger.  If he’s younger, I suppose they’d be saying those lost years were time spent on “Target 2,” getting things straightened out, unencumbered by a body — almighty being that he is.  He merely dropped his body and picked up a new one at his leisure.

With this kind of attitude about death — I mean, it’s no biggie, right?  With this kind of attitude, many young people born into a Scientology family believe the best way out of that predicament is just to drop the body and start over somewhere else.  A friend of mine personally knows of fifteen or more young Scientologists who have committed suicide, thinking it’s the only way out for them.

On the other hand, bad PR — now, that’s a serious thing.  It could cause people to think badly of Scientology.  If they think badly of Scientology, they won’t want to get into it and give it all their money, will they.  That would hurt the organization.

Back in the day, bad PR would operate at cross purposes to Old L. Ron’s goal to get filthy rich by starting his own religion.  These days, it would slow down the accumulation of their “war chest” — which they say they use to counteract all the attacks on this poor, innocent religion being made by “religious bigots.”

In actual fact, the “war chest” is used for things like paying private investigators $10,000 a week to keep tabs on former Scientologists who have left the organization and know too much about the operation and the paranoid sociopath who runs it.  That’s $10,000 a week for each such former Scientologist.  Do the math.  Keeping one person under surveillance 24/7 is expensive enough — let alone keeping tabs on the many who fall into this category.  The PI’s have to go through their trash and everything, searching for “incriminating evidence.”

So now that we have our priorities straight, which is worse — that shooting death at the Inglewood Org a couple of months ago, or the PR flap that would result, if the truth about it came out?

The story is that a guy came in with a Samurai sword, and they called the police on him.  The cops shot him in the head, and he died on the way to the hospital.

Now the rumor is that he was in a relationship with somebody at the org, and it went bad.  There’s all kind of speculation flying around though.  Like, he paid a lot of money and didn’t get what was promised, etc.

He arrived driving a Bentley, so might have been one of their “whales.”  Scientology hasn’t said anything so far, except the usual PR — oh, how great the police are, protecting “houses of worship,” as if that’s what they are.  A man is dead, and all they care about is their PR image, wanting to be seen as a “house of worship.”

The story behind that story is never going to be known, until somebody defects — and they will, eventually — and sells it to a tabloid or something.  But we can make an educated guess that whatever the truth is, it would show Scientology in a bad light.

It would be bad PR for Scientology, and that can never be allowed to happen.  Death vs bad PR in Scientology?  Which is more important?  Why, as you can see, it’s a no-brainer.

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