books destinyI’d like to blog more often than once every few months, so I’ve been trying to figure out what in the world I’m obsessed enough about that I’d have something to say about it that often.  I’d really rather just go back to whatever book I’m reading.  Then it hit me.  Duh!  It’s books.

I just hooked John up with the Libby app, so he can check out audio books from the library and listen to them on his phone.  For free.  He lit up like a kid on Christmas morning, so I’m thinking maybe you might like it too.

John and I are addicted to this stuff – books, ebooks, audiobooks….  It’s a good thing it’s not crack cocaine, or we’d be in big trouble.  I go a bit crazy when the next book in the series I’m currently binge-reading isn’t immediately available.  But I guess that might be the Universe’s way of letting me know I need to come up for air and spend some time in the real world.

My mother marked me.  She said she used to read a book a day when she was pregnant with me.  So my “destiny” probably has something to do with books.  Or, if I’m honest, it’s where I’ll end up if I go with the flow and take the path of least resistance in my life.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

“Going with the flow” is not something over-achieving Type-A individuals admire.  No.  They have to “push through” any kind of resistance to “achieve” stuff.

But why?

It’s diametrically opposed to any kind of peaceful co-existence with other occupants of the Universe.  Did we ever stop to think that the resistance might be there for a valid reason?

I’m mostly OK just as I am, gently expanding, and letting everybody else do the same thing.  Just don’t try to disrupt that natural process, so I won’t have to come over there and smack you down.  LOL!

But I digress.

Back to the books.

My current author is Donna Grant.  I started with her Dark Warrior series and read just about one a day.  I had to.  She made me do it, ending each one on a cliff-hanger like she does.  So I’m following in mama’s footsteps, claiming my destiny.  Whatever that is.

Stay tuned.  In the meantime, you can get the Libby app for your Android phone at the Google Play Store.






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  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing Lynn, as I intend to follow your lead on that. I used to love to read, until my reading turned to that of recon and legal documents. I intend to shift my focus to more pleasant subject matter in the very near future. Thanks for the inspiration. XO


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