Handle Hair Gently

It’s important to shampoo your hair regularly to keep it clean and healthy. But many people don’t realize that the shampoo process itself can be traumatic to hair.

Hair should be shampooed gently, because a too energetic handling of the hair can set the hair up for breakage. The same goes for brushing and combing, which is the single most stressful activity to which hair is routinely subjected.

Using the correct conditioners and/or leave-in treatments can make a world of difference, by removing tangles and making the hair much more receptive to combing and brushing.

It’s best to use combs with wide teeth and brushes with flexible (rather than stiff) bristles.

Additionally, hair should be washed under a gentle stream of water. Some water-saving showerheads compensate for the decreased water flow by increasing the pressure of the stream of water. However, a high-pressure stream continually hammering on fragile strands of hair can weaken them and cause a noticeable amount of breakage.

If the water in your shower rains down forcefully, or possibly even stings when it hits your skin, it may be wise to change to a shower head which provides a gentler flow of water. These can be obtained from a local hardware or building supply store and can be changed fairly easily, with the right tools.

Here’s a good comb:

And a good brush:

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