Indian Summer in L.A.

It’s Indian Summer here in Southern California.  This is the time of year when the hot, dry Santa Ana winds blow in off the desert and create havoc with everything from wildfires to your disposition to your hair and skin.

There’s not much we can do about the wildfires, once they get started — except maybe pray (i.e., send our most heartfelt positive energy to the firefighters).

But even this little effort can be hard, if you’re sensitive to the effects of the positively charged ions that come with the Santa Anas. Some people get more anxious and irritable this time of year.  In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a yucky feeling — just the opposite of the way you feel basking in the balmy breezes at the beach — where the ocean produces negatively charged ions.

But not everybody’s able to rush down to the beach at the drop of a hat.  If you’re dependent on a job for your basic survival, can you picture calling in and saying, “Sorry boss, I won’t be in today. Surf’s up.”  Uh… I don’t think so.  Not in this economy.

However maybe, just maybe, there might be something we can control in this scenario: the effect of the Santa Anas on our hair and skin.

The deep conditioning treatment for the hair has long been one of my Indian summer specialties at the shop, but recently my attention has turned to remedies for the skin as well.

Just the other day a longtime client mentioned to me how allergic she is to everything lately, because she just feels itchy all over.  I know what she means.  I’m not allergic to anything, but my skin feels itchy all over too, when it’s too dry.

A little back story here — Indian summer is when I get a high proportion of people complaining about dandruff. By simple observation, I discovered it wasn’t really dandruff — not the serious kind anyway.  It was just excessively dry scalp brought on by the environmental conditions this time of year, and easily remedied by the deep conditioning treatment I developed.

So this got me thinking.   Maybe a lot of people are going around thinking they’re allergic to everything, when all it is is excessively dry skin.

Fast forward to late afternoon yesterday, when I was surfing around on the Internet and couldn’t help thinking about Indian summer, since we (by choice) don’t have air conditioning at our house.  I came across a bunch of simple testimonials which caught my attention because of the absence of hype and gimmicks in them.  It was just some real people telling the truth about the benefits they’ve gotten from a line of products made from natural ingredients.

* One woman told about her son’s eczema and how other lotions would sting when they applied it. This lotion made his skin better without the stinging.

* Another one said how her 80-year-old mother loves the products so much, she squealed like a little girl when she found out she’d be able to get them again.

* A woman in Illinois has used the soaps for several years, but her local store doesn’t carry them any more, and she thinks that’s a mistake. Her skin looks younger than her real age, and she thinks the products are better than the expensive anti-aging creams on the market.

* A Nebraska woman who has used the soaps for almost ten years no longer has a problem with eczema and wants to be notified in case the company ever decides to go out of business so she can order a lifetime supply.

* A woman in Chicago got two of the soaps as gifts and wants to order more.  She and her husband are using it to combat the dry skin that happens in winter there.

* Another woman was told she wouldn’t have to use moisturizer again after using this soap. She tried it and found out it was true.  She likes how the soap rinses off cleanly and leaves her skin feeling so soft.

* A woman with sensitive skin and rosacea has problems using most medicinal and cosmetic products and wasn’t getting results with other natural remedies she’s tried. After she started using these soaps, her skin cleared up within a few days.

* A kidney dialysis patient tells about the dry skin that is a side effect of this treatment, and how these soaps and lotions are a godsend.  She’s giving them as gifts to the nurses and staff at the clinic she goes to.

* An Oregon man who has dry skin to begin with tells how his dermatologist says his diabetes and thyroid problems contribute to the condition, and the resulting itch drives him crazy.  But one shower with the soap does him more good than all the medications/lotions he’s used in the last three years.

* Another man used the soap to shave and was surprised when his skin and beard regrowth remained soft for several hours.

* A family tells how their son has sensitive skin and commercial soaps make the skin on his hands dry, flaky, itchy, red, and cracked. When they switched to this alternative brand the issue cleared up. They love the soaps and want to try the liquid soap too.

* A man keeps the lotion on the counter in his veterinary clinic and uses it after every “patient” to keep his hands from cracking. He loves it because it isn’t greasy, yet it really does moisturize, even though you only need to use a little each time.

* Plus one that was just so unbelievable that I left it out.

After a couple of decades in the beauty business, I thought I’d seen everything.  But I’m impressed.  I think I’d like to try some, to see what it’ll do for me.  I wonder how much it costs….

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