Introduction to the BeachAlert Files

I’ve been promising to archive my BeachAlert files for what seems like a very long time to me.  the beachNow I’m finally getting around to it.

About ten years ago, BeachAlert was an occasional ezine I’d publish on an irregular basis after my almost-daily walks on the beach.

I’d heard about negative ions and how they have a healthy effect on your mental state, and how you can find a lot of them at the beach – especially down by the water.

It was great.  So I started to write about it.  I condensed my whimsical impressions into a few paragraphs, collected a few subscribers, and voila! my ezine was born.

But back then, before I knew about autoresponders and before blogs even existed, I was managing everything by hand, and what with people passing it on to their friends, and my having to keep the list updated and so forth, it got to be a bit much.  And what was the point, if it was going to undo the healthy mental state the experience was giving me.  So I stopped.

But people did enjoy it.  I even got a few requests to have the series archived on several websites.   And so the idea was born.  I promised myself I’d archive it somewhere, someday, when I had some spare time.

Since then I’ve discovered that spare time doesn’t just drop out of the sky into your lap.  You have to make time for the things you really, really, really want to get done.

For me, this is one of those things.

So my next few posts will be the archives I’ve been promising myself (and a lot of other people) for a long, long time.  I’m calling this project “The BeachAlert Files.”  It’s the ezine that gets your head on straight before the chaos of the day sets in.  You’ll chill out just as if you’d taken an early morning walk on the beach yourself.

Enjoy!  Oh, and this time you can tell all the friends you want.  I’m ready!

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