Scientology Propaganda and Fake News

The reason Scientology puts out so much propaganda is for “reputation management.”  Well, I hate to break it to them, but no matter how much of it they put out, it’s always going to be too little, too late.  The brand is so toxic that all the PR in the world isn’t going to work.

In reputation management, the idea is to put out so much “good news” that when people look you up in the search engines, all the bad news will be pushed down by the plethora of good news that came after what it is they’re trying to hide.  And that’s supposed to make people forget about all the bad stuff.

Like, “Oh goody!  They did a cleanup in Hollywood, so that’s absolutely going to make up for the fact that my mom won’t speak to me anymore.”  Or “Oh look!  A reception in downtown Clearwater.  Well, that completely exonerates them from that shooting death in Inglewood, right?”

No, just like everything else they try, they get reputation management wrong too.  It’s like they’re trying to fix a broken leg with a band-aid.  No surprises there.  The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

This is why I just shake my head at that politician who praised their “drug free” program.  She didn’t even do enough research to discover the Scientology connection to their drug treatment program (Narconon) — and that it doesn’t work.  Worse than that, the Narconon program has resulted in a number of deaths at their facility in Arrowhead, Oklahoma — and an $11 million jury award in one of the many wrongful death lawsuits against them.

But did they stop the behavior that led to the lawsuit — i.e., promising (and billing for) things that were never going to be delivered?  Of course not.  What they did to “fix” the problem was instruct their attorneys to enforce an arbitration clause, so they could no longer be sued if somebody died while the program was busy not delivering what it promised.

There.  All better now.

That politician must have gotten a hefty campaign contribution and probably thought that was the easiest money she ever made, when all she had to do for it was give up a little praise.  Yeah?  Well, if the way you do anything is the way you do everything, I can see what kind of president she’d make.

But I digress.

It looks like google agrees that those little puff pieces that get published verbatim from Scientology propaganda press releases aren’t making it to the front page of google.  The google algorithm’s artificial intelligence is smarter than the elite homo novis master race Scientology propaganda press release writer.

If that writer is really smart, he/she will leave now, before becoming an accessory to any more wrongful deaths.  And if they’re worried Scientology will charge them a freeloader debt for leaving — don’t.  In the real world, the freeloader debt is unenforceable.  Just like everything else in Scientology-world, that doesn’t work either.

It’s just another piece of Scientology propaganda.  It’s all fake news.

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