Scientology: The End of an Era?

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Somebody on ESMB (Ex-Scientologist Message Board) came up with the idea that the reason Little Miscavige is doing away with some of the courses that used to be the most popular is that he doesn’t care if they ever get any more new people in.  They’ve accumulated such a big pile of money that they never have to deliver another service to anyone, if they don’t want to.  Their survival is not dependent on it the way it used to be.  They can just invest what they have and live off of the interest and dividends indefinitely.

So who cares if there’s no more Saint Hill Special Briefing Course and no more Class 8 Course?

New members end up being a liability anyway, since they all end up leaving — and some of them file lawsuits on their way out.  And that takes away from the money pile.  Defending against lawsuits costs money, and so do jury awards and  settlements.  Plus, it can’t be any fun for Miscavige the Narcissist, getting his dirty laundry aired in public, which is what happens during a lawsuit.  Remember Debbie Cook?

All the lawsuits involving Scientology have made their point — which is that Scientology is a toxic brand, and people should stay far away from it.

So maybe it’s the end of an era.  That’s the vibe that seems to be going around.  My favorite ex-Scientology forum — ESMB — might soon be archived, because the admin (Emma)’s head just isn’t into it anymore.  I hope she can find someone suitable to turn it over to, but I understand the feeling completely.  Most days, I don’t even give Scientology a second thought — even though it’s right here, less than a block away from my shop.

It’s completely irrelevant to my life.

Except for the fact that I still feel a sense of obligation to warn people away from it.  It’s still a toxic brand that leaves some people scarred for life.

For example, the thing I noticed today is that Exes have trouble with diversity of opinions.  I remember being amazed, when I first got out and started foraging around on the internet, that people discussed their differing opinions and even argued with each other about things and still stayed the best of friends.

In the cult, if you weren’t thinking in lock step with everybody else, you were on your way to Ethics for a reality adjustment.

Some people can’t handle it at all and jump right out of one cult and into another — like the Freezone (Scientology Lite, where you can still practice Scientology, but outside the control of the mothership) or the Republican Party or some other group where somebody tells you what to think and how to act and relieves you of all that pesky hard work of thinking for yourself.

I hope Emma finds someone to take over ESMB.  I don’t know what I would have done without it when I first got out and was feeling my way around, trying to navigate the real world.  It was a lovely soft place to land.

But she has to take care of herself first and foremost.  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  If she has to shut it down, I’ll guess I’ll get over it.  Eventually.

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