One Sure Way to Get Out the Vote in East Hollywood

rock the vote East Hollywood

I accidentally found one sure way to get out the vote in East Hollywood, when I ran for Arts & Culture Representative for the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council in 2016.  Now two years later, elections are coming up again.  Election Day this year is Sunday, March 31st.

Since I’m on the Elections Committee, I have a duty to help get out the vote.  I know how to do that, if what happened last time is any indication.  Ordinarily, I don’t think Scientology would care one way or the other what happens, but since I was running, they had to show me who’s boss.  One can’t possibly succeed at anything after leaving Scientology – or so they would have you believe.

It’s what they do.

“Let’s be friends.”

They study PR and apply it with a vengeance – literally.  To take over the world, neighborhood by neighborhood, they do surveys in each area to find out what people like and what they don’t like.  Then they bray about how they are in favor of what people say they like and against what people say they don’t like.

Never mind whether it’s true or not.  They’ll just issue the statements anyway and achieve “acceptance.”

As in, “We’re just like you – we like what you like and we don’t like what you don’t like.  We have so much in common!  Let’s be friends.”

This is what they used to do when they’d come to the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council meetings and schmooze.  I say “used to,” because I haven’t seen them in attendance for a couple of years.

Coincidentally, they stopped coming around, when Leah Remini’s “Scientology: The Aftermath” series started airing on A&E.  It won an Emmy last year and is in Season 3 now.  I guess Ken Long and Janet Weiland didn’t want anybody asking them about that, huh?  So they just don’t show up anymore.

Let’s not be friends.

They have a covert use of that PR data I mentioned, which they apply behind the scenes to people on their “enemies list.”  They find out what those people like, so they can deprive them of it; and what they don’t like, so they can force it on them – and potentially drive them nuts in the process.  Or at least cause stress in their lives that doesn’t have to be there.

Hence, the vexatious noise pollution and unhealthy exhaust fumes from idling trucks and buses, to try to force people to move away from “their turf.”

It’s what they do.

Rock the vote, East Hollywood.

But now it’s election time again, and I need to get the vote out.  So I think I’ll run for Arts & Culture Representative again.  I lost last time.  Didn’t have a chance, really, against their machine.  Last time, they bussed their people in from various locations, armed with instructions on who and who not to vote for.  (By the way, involvement in politics is against the rules for non-profit entities — which they claim to be.)

And voila! Lots and lots of voters, voting in East Hollywood. Click To Tweet

What gives me hope though is that my friends on the Council, who watched the vote count, tell me I only lost by fifteen votes.  We’ll see what happens this time.

Now that I have hope, I expect they’ll show up again to show me who’s boss.

Their alternative is not to show up at all, just to prove me wrong – and (since I’m no doubt on their enemies list) deprive me of the achievement of my goal to get out the vote in East Hollywood.

It’s what they do.


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